It is something of a relief that there has been some recent media interest in the 'generous' prescribing of certain medications; a problem that has been around for some time. This seems to have focussed on opiate painkillers (Co Codamol, Tramadol, Morphine etc,), anti-depressants (mainly SSRI’s) and in today’s news, Pregabalin, which now has a pretty decent ‘street value’ and is regulated as a class C drug.  All of these can have pretty noticeable side-effects on a person’s cognitive ability, are addictive and can take months for a person to get used to and function normally.  In this time work may suffer and whilst there are helpful leaflets for patients there is no guidance for employers as to how to deal with an employee who is in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ as a result of his or her medication.   

You are just marvellous!! I love your feedback and the brilliant way you express things.