A new or revamped website generates a great deal of initial excitement for its owner.  At first content is added to and regularly updated with enthusiasm, blog posts are written on an almost daily basis, new case studies added, social media links are carefully maintained and existing and prospective customers are repeatedly reminded to visit the new site.  Then this early fervour begins to subside; either because the demands or the new work it has generated has taken precedence or the lack of such expected return has made this effort seem pointless.  Or maybe nothing more than boredom has set in.  Taking a look at corporate websites with, for example, news and blog content only too often reveal that these items have not been updated in recent memory; what are there are items posted two years ago.  For the first-time visitor this creates a bad impression and he or she is likely to look to a competitor’s website where the content has greater currency.  Search engines look for fresh content on sites to give ranking preference to those where this is frequently modified: if the content is out of date and stagnant rankings will suffer and all that early effort will have been a waste of time and effort.  Electing to include a news or blog feature on a site requires a commitment to an almost religious observance to keeping these updated with relevant content on a regular basis; otherwise you would be better off without having them at all.

You are just marvellous!! I love your feedback and the brilliant way you express things.